Innauguration Day and Some Giveaways!

Hello readers!

Happy Inauguration Day! This is such a historical day and I am proud to be an American. No matter who you voted for, I know we can all appreciate the glory and importance of this day.

Today, I plan to work desperately on my comprehensive exam while drinking coffee with fat-free Reddi Whip. I want to thank you for all the positive comments regarding my mascara review. I am human and can have a "dirty" mind and I appreciate you all finding the humor in that.

I apologize for this short post. I suspect this won't be my last today because I have been known to use my blog for procrastination purposes. :-)

Also, please note some fabulous giveaway's that are going on:

- Danielle from Well, That's Just Fabulous is giving away flower pancake molds from William Sonoma!

- Muffy from Muffy Martini is has teamed up with Ashley Brooke Designs to giveaway free stationary.

- Shasta from Bergdorf Blondes is giving away a Pink Clarisonic skincare system as well as some other goodies!

- Miss Anne from Indefinately Definite is having a sweetheart giveaway.

- Pittsburgh Craft Collection Blog is giving away really cool recycled notebooks from Subu.

- Soon to be Mrs. K from Saving Money for a Wedding is giving away wedding greeting cards!

- Good Gals Inc is having a pastie set giveaway!

If I missed one please let me know - have a great day!



P.S. The STEELERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL! In case you haven't heard :-)