My Wallet, Nordstrom Update, Etc

Hello everyone!

Today, I finally went to pick up my Coach wallet from the nice man who found it. Below, is a picture (notice the bottom left corner). So, I probably won't be using it again. I wish I knew what to do with it... any ideas? I'm thinking about donating it.

Ironically enough, there were still some items in the wallet: Apple gift cards, my health insurance cards, my Sephora Beauty Insider card, Israeli money from my trip in May, some receipts, and a picture of my grandmother:

isn't she a beauty? I guess she was about 13-15 here (that's where I get my looks - haha!)

Yesterday, I got some great mail. First, is a nice note from Kristen, a manager at Nordstrom's! She is such a sweetheart and included my recent receipt as promised. I love their customer service!

I also received a heart warming note from my veterinary's office about Kilo. It made me feel so great - they are such gems! I miss Kilo so much. I think I am going to donate some money in his name.

On a sad but serious note, I need some prayers and thoughts from you all. My grandfather is not doing too well. He hasn't been for about 2 weeks now. I haven't mentioned it because when I mention it, it makes it more real. He had pneumonia last week and just isn't getting better which is not good considering he is 91 years old. Yesterday they transferred him to a hospice situation and we are struggling with what to tell my grandmother (80 years old). She is going through Alzheimer's and is still in the early stages. We are also trying to figure out if she should go with him to hospice or stay in the retirement home. Such a mess. If any of you have gone through this with your own relatives, I would love to hear from you. I will keep you updated!

Well, I am going to go get ready to head over to Dan's house. I am bringing my boys with me so I have to pack up their cage and food (they love road trips). I suspect I will stay there until Monday or Tuesday in order to avoid the Inaugural traffic.

Have a great Saturday!