Beautiful Blog Designs and a Tweet

Hello loves,

As most of you know, I am in the process of giving my blog a major face lift. With every face life (not that I have any experience), there comes the band aids and bruises along the way. For me, it's confusion. What do I want my blog to look like? Where should I host my blog? What is a host? What colors should I use? Oh my!

My designer S, (who I will be introducing to you I'm sure!) is being an absolute delight to work with. She is so patient with me as I am going through my identity crisis. In the mean time, I have selected a few blog designs that I just adore. Now, I'm not saying these will be copied or anything (I would never do that!). They are just my style and all speak to me individually. I emailed these to her last night for inspiration:


Zen Habits (love the simplicity!)

Joshuaink (I loooove nature!)

Random Ramblings About My Crazy Life

Free and Flawed

Mrs. Priss

Cathryn Gray (really cute idea!)

I also emailed her some of my "likes":

- awesome cameras
- computer/technology
- magazines
- purses
- rats
- big obnoxious jewelry
- scarves
- anything gaudy (not sure if that's spelled right)

Also last night I was on Twitter and my favorite blogger (Leo, from Zen Habits) tweeted: Ask Leo: Twitter me questions today-about productivity, simplicity, The Power of Less, Zen Habits, blogging ... and I'll tweet a response. I was shocked - actually tweet Leo and possibly get a tweet in return? He's like a celebrity to me! So, I did. I tweeted: What is your number one piece of advice about simple blog design? I am in the process of designing my blog. Thank you! A few minutes later, he RESPONDED! @wearingmascara Advice for simple blog design? Lots of space. Lots. Every single link, image must be extremely justified to be there. Wow, he is so right! Uncluttered, simple, spacey, and justifiable. Thank you Leo!

You, my readers, know me so well - am I missing anything? Do you have any ideas? Are there any blogs that are so utterly beautiful, simplistic, and unique that you would like to share? I would love to see them. Please leave a comment!

Thank you and have a super night!


P.S. Miss Anne over at Indefinately Definite is hosting a Sweetheart Giveaway! Head on over there to enter, become a follower, and read her inspirational blog! Tell her I sent you ;-)