Zen Habits

Hello again!

Here I am posting twice tonight and for good reason. I have a dilemma: I have too much to do. Or do I? I really can't ever relax because I always feel that I need to clean or read or whatever.

This brings me to the point of my post. Have you ever heard of a little blog called Zen Habits? The author of this blog is Leo Babauta and he is a minimalist. I have been a longtime reader way before I started Wearing Mascara. He also gives tips to new bloggers and has a separate blog called Write to Done which is another inspiring blog for bloggers and writers alike.

Leo inspires me to *try* to keep my life as simplistic as possible. Not only that, but he started his blog in 2007 and within the same year, it became part of the top 100 blogs. He even was able to quit he day job and blogs full time! Wow! He is amazing and I love reading his posts. He does not post daily but instead about 3-4 times a week. His posts are in-depth, easy to read, and entertaining.

Since it's January 2nd, I know many of you want to start resolutions and he is a great resource on everything from exercise (he runs marathons) to eating right to creating a simple homespace.

Interested and want to learn more about his blog? He recommends starting here. Well, there ya go folks. I have successfully given you a post about my blog-idol, Leo. I hope you enjoy!

Sleep tight!