Baby Carrots and Cuddling Rats


Tonight, I am stuck working on my comprehensive exam for school. School hasn't even started and yet my classmates and I are forced to do a comp. Can we not? Please? Ugh. Basically this means I am busy and kicking myself for not working on it earlier in the break. I am Miss Procrastinator basically. One more semester of graduate school... one more... that's it!

In the meantime, I am enjoying a healthy snack of water, baby carrots and salsa:

They really are the best healthy snack combination ever. You should try it - it fills you up fast and makes your taste buds go "ahh".

This morning, I got out of bed and looked into the rat cage to find this:

Oh yes, that is Thurston (gray) and Spencer (small black one) cuddling in the hammock. The look on Thursty's (nickname) face is: "Mom, please be quiet, we're sleeping!"

That's why I own ratties :-)

Dan is coming over shortly and we're going to watch movies and drink wine. He is bringing a red and a blush - yum! I am excited to see him and do some major cuddling.

Plans for the weekend:

Tonight: Major Cuddling

Tomorrow: Work on comp and then have a triple date at Cheesecake Factory!

Sunday: Work on comp and then have dinner at Dan's parents house!

Monday: Work on comp (hopefully not... hopefully I'll be finished by then!)

Tuesday: Watch the Inauguration on TV and AVOID DC LIKE THE PLAGUE. This means do minimal driving and stay in one place.

Wednesday: CLASSES BEGIN (ugh)

I hope you all have a fantabulous night! :-)


Miss Mascara (ha!)