Jelly Arms: One Minute Per Day Change


I have jelly arms. (jiggle, jiggle...)

Um... no, not like that. But close (in my head) and I want to change it. I want my arms to be strong again but I honestly do not want to put much effort into it. Is that bad? I think not. I am a busy girl after all!

How am I going to do this? Recently, I read an article in one of my magazines about how some women changed their habits for 1-minute a day (I cannot find that article but if/when I do, I will let you know!). Starting tomorrow, I am going to dedicate 1-minute per day to doing push-ups. Just 1-minute to create a habit that I will dedicate myself to for one month (at least). Along the way, I will provide you updates, I promise. I just think that this is a good idea because:

1. No need to change into gym clothes
2. No excuse NOT to do it (of course I have ONE minute to spare!)
3. No equipment needed

What do you all think? Is there a habit you would like to adapt?

Okay... back to watching mindless television during my break... ahhh... (The City starts in 20 minutes!)