Google Analytics: Blog Etiquette and Keywords

Hello again,

I have been using Google Analytics for awhile now ever since Julia from My Life in Transition described how to use it (if you have not visited her blog, it's a MUST read - she is by far one of my favorite bloggers).

Here are some interesting tid-bits:

My top 10 traffic sources are (in order): Blogger, Direct Traffic (awesome), Organic Google, Referral Google, A Belle and Her Beau, the Purse Blog Forum (I participate in the forum and leave my blog address), Newlywed Stilettos, Monograms and Manicures, All Things Southern & Preppy, Her Highness of Cute.

The bloggers that I mentioned above, THANK YOU so much! You have sent a ton of traffic my way and I really, REALLY appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. All five of you are on my blog list to the side for two reasons:

1. I enjoy your content. I may not be the best of friends with you (I do hope to be though!) but I love reading your posts and that's what blogging is about right?

2. Blog Etiquette: I think it's important that we, as bloggers, link back to people (only if #1 is true. If I did not enjoy their content, I would not link them).

In addition to my traffic sources, I also found some keywords that lead people to my blog. Most were normal like: mascara, eyeliner, etc... but here are some funnier ones:

- "mascara vibrating"
- "nerdy girl" (haha that's me!)
- "'crocked nose' bangs" (I remember I used the term "crocked nose" when talking about my new sunglasses!)
- "'push the button' mascara"
- "apple care girls"
- "computers for the nerdy"
- and my two favorites:
- "Can you wear your pajama's inside out to make it snow?" (I think, yes!)
- "I'm 12 when should I start wearing mascara?" (Stay young as LONG as possible!)

What are your thoughts about blog etiquette? Do you have any funny keywords?