More Weight Watchers: A Follow-Up to Your Comments


I have been receiving a lot of comments from my previous post and I wanted to follow-up on a few of the comments.

First, Rachel from Livin' and Lovin commented:

"These are great tips; I was thinking of starting weight watchers; I saw the commercial you can do it online now."

Well it turns out that when I was on Weight Watchers I only did it online. I cannot speak from experience about the meetings but I have friends who swear by them. It's a personal decision about whether you want to do it online or go to meetings (or both!). I liked doing it online because:

- I am more internet savvy and it was just something I preferred to do everyday!
- The online forums are so much fun. The people you meet and the advice and inspiration is unbelievable!
- There are recipes GALORE right at your fingertips!
- They have a handy-dandy point calculator
- Since I am extremely busy with school and my schedule is never for certain, it's nice to not have to schedule a meeting once a week

Now I am not saying that doing it online is better. It's a personal choice and I'm sure there are many reasons why people go to the meetings over doing it online. Sometimes it's nice to have friends that you see going through the same thing.

Next, Gracie from Question Certain Perfection? commented:

"Where do you buy those VitaMuffins - or where do you get the mix as "Belle" noted?"

Vitalicious (gotta love the name!) is the company that carry's the muffins and the mix (along with tons of other yummy stuff! It's sometimes a pain to rely on the grocery store to find this magical food so you have the option of ordering online. What I would recommend is becoming a regular subscriber to Hungry-Girl because she OFTEN has deals with Vitalicious that will give you great discounts on their products. Read more about Hungry-Girl in my previous post.
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I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.