Kilo, Awards, and Boston

Hello everyone!

I can't believe it. I seriously slept (almost) all day. Dan and I were SO lazy this morning but it was well worth it. How often do I just stay in bed and do nothing? Ah, it was nice.

Then around 3, I made my way back to Maryland and en route I picked up Panera for lunch/dinner. I always get the same thing: You Pick Two: Chicken Salad Sandwich (on sour dough) and French Onion soup. While I was there, I also found a newspaper on an abandoned table so I brought that with me as well. Panera + Coffee + Newspaper = Relaxation :-)

My new sublet, K, moved in yesterday. She is such a sweetheart and I know we'll get along well. While she is unpacking her room, I am trying to clean the kitchen up. I still need to take out old food from the refrigerator so there is room for her food. Besides that, it has been an uneventful day. Dan and I were planning on going camping this weekend but because he is sick, we are doing a rain check. Maybe another weekend soon (I hope!).

In other news, some amazing bloggers have given me some awards! I am sorry I am just posting about them now. So, without further ado...

Pink is My Signature Color gave me the Nice Matter's Award! Thank you so much! This really meant a lot to me that you went out of your way to think of me. Please visit her blog if you haven't already!

Both Newlywed Stilettos and Pink Julep gave me the Lemonade Award. Thank you girls! If you have not been to these ladies blog, go now! You are in for a treat. Both are entertaining and check out their backgrounds (I am a tad jealous!).

Do you ever avoid blogging about something because if you blog about it, it becomes more real? Well, that is what's happening with me. Kilo is still sick. Very sick.

When I got back from Ohio, I took him to a vet in Rockville. She told me that I had two options:

1) Give him a surgery to permanently stop the cyst from filling up. (If she were to just drain the cyst, it would fill back up again like it did when Dan had it drained the first time).
2) Keep him comfortable

Both options do not guarantee anything. I decided to opt out of surgery because he is basically a 90-year old - he could die under anesthesia. So, he came to Dan's with me for the New Years Eve party and we have been hanging out ever since. It really breaks my heart because he is having trouble walking and holding his food. The good news is that he's the same old Kilo. He is happy and loving and still has the desire to eat. If that desire goes away, I may make the painful decision to put him down. :-(

Please pray for him. I know most people out their do not like rats simply because they do not understand them. Go here for more information and learn about them. They are incredibly misunderstood and just amazing pets.

One more thing before I peace out for the night: Does anyone live in Boston? If you do, please comment or email me. I may have some questions because I am planning a trip for the end of February. Thanks!